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Video Librarian Magazine September - October, 2007 - "When working with power tools, cabinet maker Jim Bartz says, “safety is more than a list of rules- its an attitude.” Here, Bartz demonstrates how to (safely) use a plunge router to carve wooden signs, but before the actual carving, viewers are taught how to design lettering on a computer and prepare the wood.

The two major methods of sign carving shown here are engraving (i.e., simply gouging out the letter design with the router) and relief (carving around letters and removing the background), and after which Bartz discusses painting and sealing the finished signs.

Combining solid instructions, unobtrusive camera work for multiple angles, lovely original guitar music by Bartz, and beautiful images of the snowy Northern Michigan woods on title chapters, this is highly recommended."

WoodCentral’s Video Reviews, September 2007 - "Jim Bartz is a signmaker and cabinetmaker from Michigan. He has found that signmaking can be very profitable and doesn’t require an enormous shop or a large investment in tools. Jim shows a plethora of sign examples along with a few “embellishments” that can be used to personalize or decorate other woodworking projects. The technique he prefers if freehand routing, using no letter templates. It provides greater variety in lettering and sizing and offers endless design options... The sound, lighting, photography and overall production are all top quality. I enjoyed this DVD tremendously. It has a lot of qualities that other instructional DVD’s do not. Jim is an incredible craftsman and an informative instructor. His mastery and passion for woodworking are very evident. In 2006 this DVD won the Telly Award."

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"Excellent video and info! Great home biz opportunity!"

"Very nice training dvd, a good value!"

"Great instructional DVD- even for a non-woodworker like me"

"Very useful, I learned some tricks, Thanks!"

"I can’t wait to get started carving."

"Thanks Informative and inspirational!"

"Great product, very very helpful and nicely done!!"

"Great DVD, shows a lot of hands on woodworking"

"Great DVD- Thank you from Flint Sign and Design"

"This video rocks! I can’t wait to get started"

"Good information!!! Looking forward to more how-to DVDs from RM Nordstrom Films"